When Fandoms Collide

Normally we have to go out of our way to find opportunities to talk about Star Trek in our Bond podcast. This week though, we are talking about the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Our Man Bashir.” So if you thought we’ve gotten overly nerdy before…

Embarrassing correction: Carl erroneously referred to the episode of TOS where Kirk is possessed by Sargon as “Yesterday is Tomorrow,” which isn’t even an episode of Star Trek. There IS an episode called “Tomorrow is Yesterday” but that’s not the right episode title either. The correct title is “Return to Tomorrow.” Carl is hereby docked 5 Geek Cred Points.

They Should Have Cut Off Christoph Waltz’s Earlobes

Several times in this episode we complain about a certain Bond movie not coming out. The same movie we talked about back in Episode 4. And the one we will also talk about next time. It’s almost as inexplicable as Bond’s lack of brain damage, Mr. White’s secret room hidden behind a plaster wall, or pretty much anything else that happens in this film.